Our wonderful clients are the reason we are in business. Here are some of the great things they have said about us.

Dr. Maxwell Thaney

Brockport Smiles | Brockport, NY

I have worked with Susan for 2 of the 6 years I have owned my practice. She has been a true mentor, coach and a tireless worker. Whether Susan is waking up at 4:30 in the morning to wish my team a safe flight home from a seminar, or taking long phone calls while she is in the car to address current problems, Susan never takes off her thinking cap. She always treats my team with respect and is always professional. She is knowledgeable in all facets of my practice management, but isn’t afraid to research or seek others to help us accomplish our goals. Since working with her my practice has doubled in size and productivity.

Dr. Jackson Bean

Complete Dental Care | Greenville, TX

Our experience with coaching, specifically with Susan Leckowicz, was absolutely wonderful. Just measuring our hourly productivity was a boost but having her put me on goals and hold me accountable kept me thinking about being more productive throughout the workday. Susan worked with my team better than I ever could have specifically in having those difficult conversations regarding financial arrangements or obstacles to initiating treatment. She also gave my team a sounding board and a resource to ask their questions on daily struggles they encounter with patients. Breaking down the costs of operating my practice and organizing the numbers to see where I fell in regard to averages of other practices was intimidating at first but it shouldn't have been. As dentists we can wall ourselves off on an island without any regard to what is possible or the steps to take to trim costs out of our budget but coaching can provide a roadmap to do just that. In summary, I can't recommend Susan Leckowicz enough if your goal is to learn how to take better care of your patients and provide a more secure financial future as a result.

Dr. John Tumminelli

White Spruce Dental | Rochster, NY

Susan is our coach and she is awesome. She is extremely knowledgable and is available almost all the time. I text her even late at night and she has never had any issues with that. She always replies back with really great info. It seems like she is always there for us and thats great because we are trying to implement so many things that it can be overwhelming. She definitely keeps me focused and my partner. My office manager and my staff really like her as well. None of them feel threatened by her and thats important.

Dayna Johnson

Rae Dental Management

When I met Susan Leckowicz while attending a dental consultant conference I was instantly connected to her infectious personality. Now that I have known Susan for many years I am impressed with her professionalism, communication and generosity. She is valued by her clients as a vital part of their success and I have observed how they respect her knowledge and guidance. It has been a pleasure working with her over the years and I look forward to many more.

Teresa Duncan, MS President Odyssey Management, Inc.

Susan makes change happen with her clients. If I encounter a team that is in dysfunction then she is the first person I call. She has a way of unifying team members and motivating them to work together.

Dr. Russell Mann

Mann Family Dental | Manchester, NH

Susan has been my dental coach since October 2013. Since that time, Susan has coached my team and I through many changes and we have increased our office production significantly. She truly is a coaching gem.

Rachel Wall, RDH, BS President & Founder, Inspired Hygiene, Inc.

Over the past 9 years, I’ve seen Susan grow quickly from a beginning coach to one with confidence, knowledge and leadership abilities to help her clients achieve results they never thought possible. She has worked with general and specialist dentists to grow their own leadership capabilities, build thriving teams and dramatically increase their productivity. Susan is always learning and growing in an effort to further her career as a dental consultant.

Dr. Michael Papendick

Waukegan Family Dental | Waukegan, IL

Susan has been a great asset to my practice. She has done an excellent job of helping train my staff and of keeping me focused on the things that I need to do to lead my practice to the next level. I have always had trouble following up on things, but Susan keeps me focused on my vision and keeps me moving forward.

Dr. Marissa Miller

Discovery Dental | Shelby, OH

Susan Leckowicz has been my dental management consultant and coach since 2011. I was fortunate enough to meet her that spring and partner with her to bring my dental practice to the next level of success. With her help my practice has quite literally doubled since that time, and I know I could no have achieved that level of growth without her help. Susan brings a constant passion for dentistry and an enthusiasm for helping people to every meeting and every phone call. She has an uncanny way of honing in on missed opportunities and showing us how to capitalize on them. Susan works with every team member as a peer and professional. She is also not afraid of difficult conversations and of holding me(and my team) accountable! I feel very lucky to know and work with Susan and hope to continue to work with her.

Vicki McManus

Productive Dentist Academy

When you need to turn your business around - fast - Susan is your coach! Her no-nonsense approach helps your team cut through the clutter and pull together. She develops deep relationships with her clients that last for years!

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