Our team will take an in-depth look at the entire practice to uncover potential gold mines and come up solutions for existing pitfalls.


A plan is put in place to bring out the best your practice has to offer patients


Our coaches work closely with the entire team to put the plan into action.

List of Services

Practice Assessment of the following:

1. Collections, A/R, production and profitability.

2. Marketing and NP acquisition and growth. Evaluation of patient retention and referral source analysis.

3. Dr. communication survey.

4. Service mix analysis for Dr and Hygiene.

Menu of Services

Our coaching team will customize a plan tailored to your dental practice needs

1. System for Collections including internal credit guidelines, payment options form and presenting the form. Patient follow up system. Insurance claim submission, estimating patient responsibility, eliminating the need for preauthorization..

2. Hygiene analysis of profitability, service mix, chart audit, standard of care, and perio percentages. Reactivation and retention system..

3. Creating the why in treatment philosophy and best practices..

4. Marketing system for internal referrals, demographic analysis, brand, website, social media review.

5. Goal setting, vision, team rewards, team meetings, employee reviews.

6. Transitions and hand offs, patient flow, conversations about next phase of treatment.

7. Scheduling templates for Dr and hygiene.

8. Communication, patient advocacy in case agreement, first contact, phone training, NP, emergency patients, and existing patients. Guiding the patient to the right appointments. Delivering bad news, vapor lock and how to over come it.

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