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Susan Leckowicz, RDH, BS began her career in dentistry as a dental assistant in her father’s practice in CT, and worked over 20 years as a dental hygienist before becoming a dental coach experts work with dentists across the country to grow their practices. She believes strongly in training team members as patient advocates while helping patients reach a collaborative agreement in getting healthy.

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Freedom from PPOs: Decrease dependence on PPOs and increase patient experience and practice growth

Are you frustrated with the amount of money you write off each year due to PPO contracts? Have you ever wished you could be an “unrestricted provider?” Is it getting harder and harder to provide high-quality dental care for your patients, cover your overhead, and compensate both your team and you appropriately?

There IS a better way. Discover how to move away, either partially or fully, from the “preferred provider” lifestyle AND improve your patient experience and increase your profits—so everybody wins!

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Why did the schedule blow apart, I didn’t SEE that coming–it looked great two days ago? How to keep both the hygiene and Dr. schedule full.

Are you frustrated with last minute changes to the schedule and a lack of personal responsibility from your patients. Is it getting hard to communicate the value of dental care? Do you wish it felt less like a “sales” pitch?

Whether it is scheduling a hygiene or doctor appointment your communication skills, connection and practice culture can make a huge difference. Getting patients committed to their appointments is a team effort.

Discover what I like to call “case agreement” vs. “case acceptance” and how connection and collaboration beats “selling “ dentistry every time AND keeps your schedule optimized.

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