Solutions To The Top 5 Dental Office Challenges

At Dental Coaches we know that each dental practice has their own unique way of delivering personalized care. We have found that there are five common challenges faced by the majority of dental practices.

Dental Practice Challenges

1. Team Communication: Do you often wonder what motivates your team and how to create a united culture toward a common goal?

Our team can works with you to build better relationships with your team and your patients. We work with you to communicate your vision, your “why”, and gain clarity on where you want to take your practice. And find ways to create celebrations with your team that gives them pride in working for your practice..

2. Case Agreement: Do you know what the #1 thing patient’s hate about going to the dentist?

Not knowing what something is going to cost before it is done. Our coaches work with you to establish payment options that are profitable for the practice and make sense for the patient. We also work with your team to confidently estimate the patient’s portion, the insurance portion and review what options the patient has for payment. Our financial options system lowers all barriers to care. We can show you how and your team how to work out financial options for any size treatment plan.

3. Patient Follow Up: Does your team tell you that your patient seemed confused when they got up to the front desk and did not schedule?

And you thought you did a good job explaining what was needed? We work with you and your team on how to recognize “vapor lock”, how to get the patient to understand why the treatment is needed, create the value for the care and how to stay connected to the patient and follow up with them..

4. New Patient Growth and Retention: How many new patients do you really need and how many are sneaking out the back door and why?

We work with you on determining the number of new patients you need, your capacity, how well you are converting new patients into raving fans and how to get them connected to your and great dental care.

5. Internal and External Marketing: The best new patients come from existing patients, wouldn’t you agree?

They walk into the reception area with built in trust. Our coaches get your team wrapped around a system to get comfortable asking for referrals. Then we take a look at the best options for your budget to work on an external marketing plan. Every office needs to have a plan for both internal and external marketing to continue to grow.

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