Dr. Len Tau and Susan Leckowicz, CEO Dental Coaches

Hi Everyone,
Dr Len Tau here. I’m a dentist in Philadelphia. Many of you have been to my seminar. If not, I want to introduce you to my coach Susan Leckowicz. She is from dental coaches and she’s been a big help to my practice. In July of 2017 I hired my associate Dr Audrey Su.   Susan started working with us in October of 2017.   She’s helped us set up financial arrangements, team incentives with a Whiteboard, an internal referral program. And in January of 2018 I went to actually two days and my associate was there by herself two days a week as well. And through year to date, we are up, 14% in production and 10% in collections.   I highly recommend listening to the tips that Susan will be giving you here in her upcoming emails. I hope you enjoy them.   Thanks for listening.

Susan Leckowicz
Susan Leckowicz
Hello and welcome to my tips from Dental Coaches weekly email.  I am excited to be sharing tips I have gained from over 30 years in dentistry, with the past 12 years working as a coach. 

Many clients come to me because their practice has plateaued, they have not grown, they are not sure why and are worried about going into a decline. One thing that I can’t express enough is how important it is to track the metrics of your practice.   I have found the easiest way to do this is by using Dental Intelligence.  It is an accurate, easy way to visualize trends in your office, identify opportunities for your team to connect patients for scheduling, collecting and retaining them in your active patient base. At first glance, it can be over whelming yet it is very user friendly after some training.   The support that Dental Intel provides is wonderful as well.  If you would like to schedule a free coaching call and share with me what is happening in your, I can then set up a complimentary Dental Intelligence Snapshot Analysis.  Here is a link to my calendar.   


https://calendly.com/dentalcoaches/30min!– wp:paragraph –>

Or you can reach me susan@dentalcoaches.com
or 860-657-6693.



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